Anxiety Attack Treatment

Because there are so many treatment options available for panic attacks today, in this section we will focus on what makes a treatment effective and which options have proven to fall into that category.

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How to Effectively Treat Anxiety Attacks
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Anxiety attacks and generalized anxiety are disorders with physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat, hyperventilation, panic and uncontrollable negative thoughts. Because these symptoms can be so intense, the natural treatment for doctors is to administer medication to counteract those symptoms.

If you suffer from anxiety attacks, you don’t want to mask the symptoms, you want to your anxiety at its root. For good.

How to Effectively Treat Anxiety Attacks

The key to properly treating anxiety attacks is to break the cycle of fear that anxiety can cause. Anxiety attacks are truly terrifying and once you have had an attack, there is always the fear of having another. You dread the next time your heart races and you get short of breath because it could strike at any moment.

This fear of another attack makes you even more anxious, making it even more likely that you will have another attack. And with every anxiety attack after that, this fear grows stronger. The cycle of fear feeds itself and until that cycle is broken, another attack will always be a possibility.

Current research now indicates that to be considered effective, for any anxiety attack you have to choose an anti-anxiety medication which will immediately suppress the disorder. Thie method has been proven as one of the effective treatment options.

Is Anxiety Medication an Effective Treatment?

This is why medication has been largely ineffective to anxiety sufferers. Because although there are a number of different drug treatments available, they are designed to treat symptoms, not to break the underlying cycle. Medication covers up that fear, while it continues to grow in the background, meaning you will need higher and higher doses of those expensive and potentially addictive and dangerous drugs to feel any relief.

Is Therapy an Effective Treatment?

Over the last few years, some therapists have begun to embrace this new research and had very high success rates. Patients are walked through many cognitive techniques that help to break the fear cycle, allowing new behaviors to be installed.

While we do recommend therapy as an effective treatment option, it is not universally effective. Many therapists still rely on anti-depressants or Freudian psychotherapy – this type of therapy focuses on the cause of anxiety, not removing or relieving it. If a well-reviewed therapist can be located in your area, we highly recommend this approach. Many people, however, will have to rely on home remedies simply out of necessity.

Home Treatment Options for Anxiety Attacks

As most doctors are only interested in treating the chemically imbalanced symptoms of anxiety, many private home treatments have popped up on the internet over the last few years. These treatments condense the cognitive techniques used in therapy and have proven to be very effective, but there are many different approaches to choose from and they lack the human support element that many people need.

Methods like Panic Away and the Linden Method have both proven to be very effective for home anxiety attack treatment but they are out of the scope of this article. For more information on home treatments, you can click here to go our article “Home Remedies for Anxiety Attacks” or click on the product names about to read critical reviews of each.

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