Find Panic Attack Relief Using Positive Triggers

When it comes to finding panic attack relief, many people make a big mistake. They assume that they can fight back against the panic by thinking happy thoughts or by willing the attack to stop.

Unfortunately, this never works because fighting against the attack only gives it more energy and makes the attack worse. If you want to stop your panic attacks it’s important to remember that resistance isn’t the answer.

Panic attacks are overwhelming physical reactions. They are a natural and powerful biological reaction that causes physical changes in your body and mind. Try to get some panic attack relief with willpower is like trying to relax your muscles by tensing up. We need to take a softer approach.

To do this, I recommend using what I call a Positive Physical Trigger or a PPT.

How Triggers are Created

A trigger is simply a stimulus, like a touch or a sound, that is linked in your mind with a certain reaction.

We all have certain stimuli from our past that cause positive reactions. Maybe the song that was playing during your first kiss at the high school dance still gives you chills. Maybe the roar of a crowd gives you the feeling of triumph you felt when you won a big game.

These are positive physical triggers because they cause positive reactions in your body.

They have become linked in your mind and body because they were created at moments of heightened emotion. But we can also create a trigger by simply repeating it over and over again.

Ever notice how on edge a car horn can make you feel? That’s the kind of automatic reaction that has been created by repetition.

How to Create Your Own Trigger

You can create your own positive trigger by choosing a stimulus, such as a physical touch or a certain sound, that you can reproduce any time you need to. Make sure that it is something that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Then, every time you experience feelings of happiness, light-heartedness or joy, you perform your physical stimulus. Repeat this as often as possible. The more you do it, the more your brain and body will the link the feelings of happiness together with your physical trigger.

Soon the reaction will work backward. You will perform your trigger and feel the sensation you want to feel. Then you’ll be able to fire your new positive trigger when you are experiencing a panic attack and counteract the negative sensations.

Why This Works

This works because we are fighting an unstoppable reaction with an unstoppable reaction. At worst they will simply cancel each other out, leaving you feeling neutral. At best, your positive trigger will be stronger and you’ll end up feeling joyful.

Now, this is only a quick description of how to link a positive trigger. If you want to know the step-by-step process behind this technique and start experiencing some panic attack relief, you can enter your name and email address below for a free 5-day email course called “Rewiring Your Anxiety Triggers” that will walk you through every step in great detail.

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