Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment Options

In this article, we discuss how you can properly treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder without resorting to expensive and dangerous drugs. Our recommended techniques are proven effective and have helped thousands of people with a 97% success rate.

In this article:
Treating Only GAD Symptoms
Natural GAD Self Help Options

Here at End of Anxiety, we’re dedicated to treating anxiety and panic naturally and without the use of harmful drugs. We’re confident in this approach as it has worked not only for readers but for our staff as well. It is for this reason that our approach to the question of generalized anxiety disorder treatment is unique.

We realized long ago that using drugs to relax people who suffer from GAD misses the point. Mood altering drugs like Xanax and Prozac treat tension as if it were the cause of your general anxiety.

But tension is a symptom.

Treating GAD Symptoms vs. Causes

The heart of generalized anxiety disorder is a cycle of negative thinking that feeds itself and becomes seemingly unstoppable.

It’s important to note here that medication for GAD is not ineffective, simply far less effective, in our opinions than other natural self-help options.

So how do you get to the root cause of your generalized anxiety?

First off, realize that your symptoms are not your problem.

You’ve experienced constant worry, trouble sleeping, achy muscles, inability to focus and you’ve probably thought ‘if I could only calm down I would be okay!’ But that’s like saying that your anxiousness causes your anxiety!

The true cause of GAD is a mental cycle of negativity. This cycle feeds itself on your negative emotions, which causes more negative thoughts and more negative emotions, and so on, and so on. Attempting to stop GAD by calming yourself down (or drugging yourself up) but not addressing this negative cycle of thoughts will result only in feeling “zoned out.”

Will you feel relaxed? Yes.

Will you feel happy? Vaguely.

Will you be able to live your life fully? No. Because you’re high, not happy.

So how do you naturally treat GAD without drugs?

Natural GAD Self Help

You need proper techniques to tackle the cycle of negative thinking. It’s only been in the last few years that proper treatments have become available to the general public. These treatments might be considered “alternative,” but they are the first address the root cause of GAD.

Charles Linden was one of the first to truly pioneer the idea of online treatment and his “Linden Method” remains the gold standard in general anxiety self-help.

You can read our full review of the Linden Method here.

Linden realized, as we do, that anxiety is not the product of a chemical imbalance as most doctors say. Treating the chemical imbalance may rid you of some symptoms, but what caused the imbalance in the first place? You may not worry as much, but you still won’t be truly happy.

This is why we recommend Charles Linden’s Method for stopping anxiety. It’s permanent, it’s lasting and it goes beyond treating symptoms to treating the human being experiencing them.

If you’re ready to stop your anxiety, click here to learn more about Charles Linden and his groundbreaking approach to GAD that you can put to use right now to finally feel true calm and peace of mind.