Overcoming Panic Attacks in 3 Easy Steps

Despite what they may seem like at the time, overcoming panic attacks can be done. They may seem scary and too big for you to handle when they’re happening, but if you can find the presence of mind during an attack to recognize that this attack will be over soon, you’ll see just how harmless panic really is.

If you find yourself in the middle of a panic attack there are some things you can do to control your panic. Below you’ll find 3 steps that will teach you how to overcome panic attacks when they occur and ultimately find the confidence to rid yourself of them for good.

1. Recognize What’s Happening

Remember, knowledge is power. Panic attacks can seem like heart attacks or strokes when they’re happening. That fear makes the attack even worse as you start to think you’re dying. This is why many people end up in the emergency room for panic attacks.

But if you can learn to recognize an attack for what it is, you can remove that fear and energy from it.

Keep a list of symptoms nearby at work or wherever your attacks occur the most. This way you can reach for it anytime and recognize that this isn’t a life-threatening situation, it’s just a common panic attack and it will be over soon.

2. Breathe

Practice deep breathing whenever you can. Not only is it good for relaxation, but it will also help you the next time an attack occurs. Too many people let their fear of the attack wash over them and start to hyperventilate.

Hyperventilation makes you lightheaded and makes it even harder to think clearly and recognize that this panic attack is just an attack.

Once you recognize what’s happening to you, start to control the panic attack by breathing slowly and deliberately. Don’t breathe too deeply; just breathe in a steady way. This gives you a relaxing sensation to focus on and keep you grounded as the attack continues.

3. Don’t React

Many people like to try exercising or moving around during an attack and that can be a good strategy, but I think not focusing on the attack at all will take the power away from it.

Once you’ve recognized the panic attack and started to control your breathing, it’s best to remain as passive as possible.

This isn’t easy. It’s going to feel like there is a fire alarm going off in your head, telling you to run, shout, scream, cry, do something to change what’s happening right now. The problem is that if you do react, you’re only feeding the flames of the attack.

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If you can remain passive while the attack is going, remind yourself that it’s unpleasant and frightening but it will be over very quickly, and just breathe, you’ll find that you can successfully ride out the attack and bring it under your control.

The good news is that once you start learning the steps to overcoming panic attacks, they will naturally fade away altogether. But this is just a brief overview; if you want a more in-depth strategy for how to control panic attacks, I recommend reading a book like Panic Away.

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