Panic Attacks Self Help: Find the Cure At Home

In this article, we discuss options for treating anxiety from home and for whom these treatments will work best. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to panic and anxiety attacks, but each home remedy is ideally suited for different personality types.

In this article:
How Home Treatments Work
How to Choose a Home Treatment
Home Treatment Recommendations

Any discussion on treating panic attacks must start with what it means to have an effective treatment. This has been discussed at length in previous articles, so a brief reminder is all that’s needed.

Cognitive science is beginning to show that panic symptoms, including chemical imbalances, can be stopped by breaking the habitual habit of fear that comes from having an attack. Called the fear cycle, it occurs when the fear of future attacks, causes and strengthen that future panic. It’s a dangerous and self-perpetuating cycle.

At End of Anxiety, our definition of an effective panic attack treatment must include treatments that address the breaking of this fear cycle.

That said, all of the home remedies we discuss have been proven effective at treating this fear cycle and breaking our readers out of their panic attacks.

How Home Treatments Work

The cycle of fear cannot be broken with medication because it is a cognitive issue. The brain has formed a very strong habit that it will continue to strengthen unless new behaviors are introduced and installed into the mind.

While this sounds complicated there are cognitive exercises available that allow sufferers to do this with relative ease. These are the techniques that some therapists use to great effect. They are also the same techniques that home treatments package into self-study courses, effectively removing the need for a therapist.

How to Choose a Home Remedy

All treatment recommendations on this site have been proven effective, meaning we do not recommend any treatment we haven’t fully reviewed or consider to be “experimental.”

Though the effectiveness of each treatment can’t be questioned, there are differences in the delivery and presentation of each that might make them more or less effective depending on your needs and how you best learn.

In this article, we recommend two home treatments that address panic attacks, general anxiety, and the fear cycle. One option is best for those who are self-motivated and self-reliant. The other option is best for those who feel they need more support or need a more human element.

Home Treatment Recommendations

The first treatment is Panic Away which is more geared toward those looking for a self-help approach. Panic Away lays out the different cognitive techniques and allows you to utilize them whenever and however works best for you. If you feel comfortable learning from a book without a teacher, this is a good option for you.

For more info, you can read our full Panic Away review.

The second treatment is a home study course called The Linden Method. This method utilizes many of the same psychological principles and techniques of Panic Away but is best suited for those who learn best from full courses. If you feel you need a teacher to help you along the way, this is the best option for you and the best course we’ve encountered so far.

For more info, you can read our full Linden Method review.

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