Panic Away Review: The One Touch Technique On Trial

In this article we review Panic Away. As always, our review is broken into sections and based on our standards of effective treatment.

In this article:
The Good
The Bad
The Bottom Line
Full Review

The Good:

Instant download. Over 54,000 customers cured. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. High customer satisfaction.

The Bad:

Only available in ebook. A video or audio version would be very handy for those who don’t learn well from the written word.

The Bottom Line:

Excellent course – if you are the type of person who feels comfortable following exercises out of a book. With very high customer satisfaction and huge success rate, Panic Away is at the top of its class in anxiety and panic attack treatment.

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Full Review Follows:

At End of Anxiety, we’re always looking for home-based treatments that cure anxiety’s root cause and not just its symptoms. It’s on this basis that we judge home-based courses that claim to cure panic attacks and general anxiety.

We feel it’s important to mention that we don’t take the word “cure” lightly because, indeed, it isn’t a light thing. Every member of End of Anxiety has suffered from anxiety so we are naturally skeptical and very critical of supposed “cures.” This is why, of the 20+ treatments and courses that we test, only 2 have ever proven themselves effective enough to pass on to our readers.

Panic Away is one of those two.

Why do we recommend Panic Away over other potential home-based products?

Put simply, we feel that Panic Away effectively addresses the core problem of panic attacks and general anxiety. It gives concrete methods for breaking the cycle of fear that causes anxiety attacks.

We are also impressed by Panic Away reviews from customers and its high success rates (over 54,000 customers cured). In many ways it’s not hard to see why we recommend Panic Away over the crowd.

But there are also some technical details that we really liked: Panic Away, as of the time of this review, is only $67 which is less than the cost of one therapy sessions with a mediocre psychologist. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee, which makes us feel very comfortable pointing our readers in their direction.

If Panic Away sounds right for you, we highly recommend that you click here to claim you copy now.

All of that said, we do feel there are some things we should say about Panic Away that might be considered detrimental.

For one, Panic Away only comes in ebook form, meaning it’s up to the reader to apply the exercises detailed inside. For those who learn well from books, this won’t be a problem, but we wouldn’t mind seeing a video or audio version of the course available for download.

Secondly, Panic Away techniques require practice for full effectiveness. If instant results are what you desire, keep dreaming. Panic Away is effective and permanent, but requires a certain amount of devotion and self motivation.

We feel comfortable recommending Panic Away because it has been proven effective, even for End of Anxiety staff members, and because they have kindly offered their 60 day money back guarantee to eliminate any risk to our readers.