Social Strategies Review

Format: 8 Audio Lessons
Homepage: Social Strategies

I have no doubt that anyone who tries the Social Strategies will have a lot of success with it.

It’s always been so hard to cure social anxiety because the only way to get more comfortable is to go out and do those things that terrify you the most.

But the Social Strategies gives you a comprehensive guide to gaining social confidence, getting easy social victories and it takes all the anxiety out of doing it. It works in a step-by-step fashion so you don’t have to encounter another embarrassing social situation.

The whole system was created and is sold by John Mercer. John’s a personal development coach from my neck of the woods here in Georgia. He spent his life struggling with social anxiety and panic attacks and even earned a degree in psychology while trying to solve his own problems.

In the Social Strategies, John gives you a quick start guide to help you jump right in and get started right away with his 8 audio lessons. Each one has a different lesson designed to change how you view social situations.

His 8 audio lessons and the added bonuses teach you “games” that you can play in any social situation to help yourself overcome the natural fear

The “games” are new ways to look at social situations that let you remove your worry from the situation and earn early victories for yourself. Instead of having to worry about what to say or what others are thinking of you, all you have to do is concentrate on playing your own game. and over thinking that normally happens.

The “games” are all aimed at building confidence through experience and not just through affirmations or positive thinking. John walks you through ways of increasing your confidence without ever going too fast.

That’s the great thing about John’s system is that he makes sure that you are always in control of your comfort level, while still achieving early successes. Those early successes build your confidence little by little until you don’t need the mental “games” anymore. He makes sure that you are always getting positive reinforcement out of every social situation.

John really seems to understand what it’s like to go through these anxious situations and you can tell by listening that he’s been there. And he’s made it so that his lessons walk you through an easy, stress-free strategy. He takes into account that for some people this problem may be severe and he makes sure that anyone can use it to be as comfortable as they need to be without being pushed too far.

I really loved the Social Strategies and my advice is that anyone looking to become more outgoing, less shy and have more social confidence without having to deal with the fear and anxiety, needs to have the social strategies.

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